Riverbird Clinic

Matthew Stevens, DO

Colin Reid, LCPC

Elizabeth Cone, LCSW

Selma Holden, MD

Elizabeth Strawbridge, MD

Location: 231 York St., Portland, Maine 04102

Email (preferred): info@riverbirdclinic.com

Phone: (207) 370-1831

Website: www.riverbirdclinic.com

Riverbird is a psychotherapy clinic dedicated to psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy and integration. We consist of a multi-disciplinary team of medical and mental health providers dedicated to healing through a holistic view of the human being. We work with treatment-resistant depression, anxiety disorders, PTSD and other mental health issues that we believe are inadequately treated with conventional methods. We currently offer Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy and plan to work with other psychedelic medicines as they gain regulatory approval. We currently offer both individual KAP treatment and group treatments, as well also ongoing integration groups. We are committed to serving our diverse community and making this work as accessible as possible to all those in need.

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Location Maine, Portland

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