Robbie Watterson, MA, LPCC, MPH

Holistic Mental Health Therapist and Guide
Golden CO
I work with clients on an individual and couples basis right now. Group work will be included in the future. I work to build rapport and safety and customize a holistic plan to help clients achieve the healing they are seeking. Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy with lozenges helps to introduce a psycholitic dose (small and still conscious) of Ketamine while working with a therapist in real time. This has many benefits and is said to bring results more quickly due to working with the subconscious, the very part of us that is often directing the show without our awareness. When under the influence and a short period following Ketamine, our brain becomes more plastic (neuroplasticity), meaning more flexible and able to make new connections. This is a great time for therapy and to introduce/build beneficial activities and habits into your life like painting, jogging, writing, playing music, and engaging with nature.
Welcome! I am Robbie, a holistic human here to help other humans become more loving and connected humans. The key I have learned is to take care of yourself first, that is priority. I have witnessed firsthand the chaos that follows from trying to tend to the world while dismissing the SELF. My two "caregiver" parents gave me this example early on. They passed the baton to me to become what challenged them the most, understanding and being with all of themself. It is my mission to reintegrate all of those lost parts in myself and those that I work with. To show love to all the dark and hollow places. With that said, I show love to myself by being in a wholesome marriage of 13 years with my wife and 2 dogs. I like take baths, go on long walks in nature, take time to adventure to different landscapes, nourish myself with wonderful and healing food, talk to the trees in the forest, and take in sunlight as much as possible. My biggest passion if figuring out "complicated" issues. Most of the time, I find out it is the ego or adaptive child within people that make things appear worse than what it truly is. I 100% live by what I teach to my clients. I do the work, find stillness, make plans, do my own inner journeys, take really good care of myself, love my partner and community, and go to therapy on a consistent basis. I am no different than the client's I sit with, I simply don't have it all figured out. What I do is create an opening in myself to continually learn and grow. That is my commitment to myself and my clients.
Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy for individuals that introduces a small dose of sublingual Ketamine. All sessions are done in person to maximize the therapeutic benefit.