Robert Anderson, PhD

Certified Registered Psychotherapist
Ottawa ON
Robert has a vested interest in helping clients seek change by helping them create a dialogue with their unconscious. He has developed a method that helps you get to the route of the issue faster. Your safety is paramount to his work and he has developed an approach that is supportive, nurturing and tailored to each client he works with.
Robert's role as a psychedelic integration coach is central to his ethos. He provides insightful support to individuals before and after their psychedelic experiences, helping them to derive meaningful and lasting change from their journeys. Robert has taken the time to train and educate himself in psychedelic education and research. He is trained is Psilocybin-Assisted Psychotherapy, has completed training in Stan Grof's theoretical framework and is currently completing a Co-Op training In Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy through Field Trip Health. Robert will also begin training as a psychedelic-cannabis facilitator in the summer 2024. His work as an integration coach and as co-facilitator to psychedelic cannabis journeys is marked by a deep understanding of the therapeutic potential of psychedelic substances, utilized in a way that is both transformative and grounding.