Robert Anderson, PhD

Certified Registered Psychotherapist
Ottawa ON
Robert has a vested interest in helping clients seek change by helping them create a dialogue with their unconscious. He has developed a method that helps you get to the route of the issue faster. Your safety is paramount to his work and he has developed an approach that is supportive, nurturing and tailored to each client he works with.
Robert has over 17 years of experience in Mental Health and Addiction. His work has focused on complex trauma, PTSD, addiction, and general mental health issues. He currently is in private practice and also trains and supervises qualifying psychotherapists. He has developed a technique that enables people to process trauma, conducted lectures on his theoretical orientation, taught university courses, and researches the clinical use of psychedelics in his spare time. Robert is a Registered Psychotherapist in Ottawa, ON, Canada. Robert offer's psychedelic integration to those who are planning on using a psychedelic and can help you determine if it is right for you. He is unable to be present for the experience due to the current laws and regulations associated with these substances. His services are therefore limited to pre and post experience. Prior to your experience it is important for him to understand your intentions and do a thorough assessment of your psychological history and discuss contraindications. Once you have had your experience he help's you process what has occurred. He looks forward to hearing from you soon.