Robert Anderson, PhD

Certified Registered Psychotherapist

Specialties: Complex PTSD, substance use, anxiety, depression

Services Offered: Psychotherapy, coaching, individual, group, psychedelic integration (individuals), psychedelic integration (groups), harm reduction therapy (groups), pre- and post-ritual counseling, trauma-focused psychotherapy, substance use disorder counseling, treatment planning, holistic approaches, mind-body therapy, psychodynamic therapy, somatic therapy, mindfulness training

Sessions: Telehealth (Ontario, Canada)


Thank you for visiting my profile. My name is Robert Anderson. I am Registered Psychotherapist in Ottawa, ON, Canada. I am also situating myself in the psychedelic space as I feel it is the next crucial step for mental health. I plan on working exclusively in this area and am currently getting involved with grass routes organizations, companies that are taking psychedelics to market and research and development. I have my own personal experiences as well as have taken the time to work with shamans in North and South America. These experiences have helped shape my world view and understanding about these important medicines.


How I work with clients

I have a vested interest in helping my clients seek change by helping them create a dialogue with their unconscious. I have developed a method that allows for this consequently getting to the route of the issue faster. Integration occurs through emotional processing. Your safety is paramount to my work and I have developed an approach that is supportive, nurturing and tailored to each client I work with. My work focuses on complex trauma, substance use and general mental health issues. I am trained in a variety of modalities including somatic work, psychodynamic, NLP, mindfulness and cognitive behavioural approaches.


PhD in Counselling, Spirituality and Psychotyherapy (Saint Paul University)


Certified Registered Psychotherapist (CRPO 003019 Ontario, Canada)


Somatic experiencing, NLP, Mindfulness, Process Orientated Psychotherapy, CBT



Online Sessions


Location Online, Telehealth, Canada, Ontario

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