Robert Voloshin, DO

Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine
San Francisco CA
In my practice I aim to co-create a story that intuitively helps you make sense of your life situation and empowers you. Many people seeking treatment for depression, anxiety and trauma have had years of treatment, and are already on psychiatric medications. If that is the case I also offer assistance in medication tapers and help you replace medications with lifestyle changes that are regenerative. In addition to seeing adults for Ketamine Psychotherapy and Psychodynamic Psychiatric treatment, I see teens together with their parents in the context of family therapy and couples for couples therapy. Relationship is one of the bedrocks of our psychoemotional health. The most powerful interventions I can make is by helping you to improve your relationships. Often times relationship can be the source of many of our issues. But, the challenging relationships we have with our parents, children, and partners, are the very relationships that can heal our psychoemotional wounding. I specifically avoid using the language of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Health Disorders (DSM.) I do this because it is generally not a beneficial way of getting insight into one’s self, experience, thoughts, and relationships. If a diagnosis is required for billing, we will discuss which diagnosis best fits your current life situation.
I utilize a systemic, relational, and psychodynamic approach. I primarily limit the use of prescription medications to Ketamine Psychotherapy. I aim to help you out of self-reinforcing cycles of depression and anxiety and help you enter into life-affirming patterns that can support inspired living. I primarily do this through a depth psychotherapy approach supported by Ketamine.