Robin Kurland, MA, LMFT

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
Sacramento CA
I’m here to assist, support and collaborate with you on your healing journey. As a holistic psychotherapist we will be looking at your mind, body and spirit as a means to return to wholeness. Rather than focusing on diagnoses we’ll be looking at the symptoms and obstacles as valuable information and new doorways so you can move through that which has been keeping you stuck. On psychedelic integration: Psychedelic experiences can be powerful and life changing. Therefore it's important to include pre and post counseling to get the most from these experiences and incorporate these new lessons into your daily life. Psychedelics continue to work long after the ceremony so the continued integration is a powerful tool to not only retrieve the true you but also to continue to build on finding the expression of your unique soul. I provide pre and post for all psychedelics. I collaborate with Journey Clinical to provide Ketamine Assisted Therapy. Trauma and addictions live on a continuum therefore I believe there is not one way to heal from these painful experiences and states. I’ll be working with you and utilizing the wisdom you bring to the table to assist you in your healing. I work with clients weekly and long term.
Robin Kurland is a holistic psychotherapist and psychedelic integration therapist specializing in trauma and addictions. Her career as a therapist started in 2006 working in several non profits and hospitals with a variety of populations including end of life and homelessness before settling in to private practice in Sacramento CA. Here her main focus is working with CPTSD, survivors of sexual abuse and broad spectrum childhood neglect, and veterans while healing process and substance addictions that people use to cope. Robin offers IFS, somatic experiencing, Hakomi, Expressive Arts, Brainspotting, Trauma Informed Yoga, Shadow work and Ketamine assisted therapy. She incorporates a formula she has crafted over 15 years with an emphasis on spirituality and the arts. In addition she takes great joy in offering harm reduction services in psychedelic spaces. Robin is also passionate about teaching which includes classes with Tam Integration: Working with Repressed Memories of Sexual Abuse in Psychedelic Spaces, and Psychedelics Today: Getting Started as an Integration Therapist. She currently mentors other clinicians on their journey of becoming a psychedelic integration therapist. Robin is a dancer, CIIS alumni, Zendo volunteer through MAPS, advocate and lover of all animals, activist and a survivor of abuse and addictions. She is proudly on the Board for SHINE collective as an Ethics advisor: a non profit providing resources to those who have been harmed in psychedelics spaces.
Ketamine Assisted Therapy