Robin McKinley, NP

Nurse Practitioner
Londonderry NH
I offer Ketamine to qualified clients and incorporate an energy clearing prior to the Ketamine journey. Educate on mindfulness, meditation and the power of thoughts as they relate to post ketamine neuroplasticity changes for integration.
Family Nurse Practitioner that started in Primary Care and Skilled Nursing facilities. During my husbands illness I discovered the powerful benefit of energy healing which led to a daily meditation practice that literally changed my life and subsequently my career goals. I decided to open a healing studio to educate clients and teach them about the sacred gifts I had discovered. I enrolled in a year long online fellowship though Integrative Psychiatry Institute and discovered the benefits of Psychedelics. My Healing studio has know added Ketamine to clients that qualify.
Ketamine (KAP) Hypnosis Energy Work Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)