Rodman Walsh, LMFT

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist
Redondo Beach CA
Each client's needs and circumstances are unique, so I work with clients to tailor an appropriate plan. I explore with clients various aspects of their lives so that we are addressing underlying issues as well as presenting problems. I will provided psychoeducational materials & tools, additional referrals as needed, and helpful resources as you progress in the therapy.
I bring a blend of personal & professional experiences to the work I do with clients. I am engaging and collaborative in the therapy. My hope is to be a part of your journey and growth by assisting you in working through challenges, healing from the past, and exploring new possibilities for your future. I work from a place of empathy and compassion while providing direct feedback, insights and interpretations that will help you navigate life's challenges and hardships. I have experience with psychedelic integration & preparation, other holistic & integrative treatments, as well as my own personal experiences. These experiences have been transformative and enriched my life, have been of great source of value and healing, benefited to my growth, and have positively contributed to my professional work. I work with individuals in private practice as well as a group therapy facilitator. My additional clinical experience includes working in diversely populated, community counseling clinics as well as outpatient treatment centers to treat mental health disorders including: depression, anxiety, addiction & substance use, grief & loss, and trauma. I have given talks & presentations to various business organizations on the value of mental health & wellness as well as hosting webinars and educational events for other mental health clinicians. I also host private workshops for clients.