Ronna Harris, LCSW

Los Angeles CA
I offer both remote and in-person sessions (near Glendale/Pasadena of Los Angeles) for "traditional therapy" or KAP. I am very flexible, and whatever gives you the most ease, is what we will do. For some, a hybrid of remote and in-person treatment is ideal. I am partnered with Journey Clinical who provide (at separate cost) psychiatric assessment and prescription for oral ketamine, which is experienced under my guidance. I do not currently have a group KAP offering; I am looking to add that to my practice, so please reach out if you are interested. (It can be a more affordable way to experience ketamine.) I do not take insurance at this time, but can offer a superbill to submit to your insurance company for possible reimbursement according to your insurance plan. If you are a health care or mental health care provider, please contact me for the possibility of sliding fee for KAP, as I am committed to offering this treatment option for those who have been especially affected by the global pandemic.
I am a white cis-gender woman in my late 50's with over 30 years of experience in a variety of clinical settings, including in-patient and outpatient hospitals, cancer centers, ambulatory care centers (i.e. doctor's offices), geriatric intensive outpatient program, and a psychiatry outpatient program at a major academic medicine institution. My experience makes me uniquely positioned to offer psychotherapy to those with a variety of emotional and mental health struggles, especially those managing life transitions, acute and chronic illness, end-of-life challenges, existential dread and trauma. I am comfortable with any type of adult client, no matter their age, gender identity, sexual identity, race or ethnic identity (I consider myself an ally), differing ability, neurodiversity, academic or socioeconomic background. I have worked with administrative assistants, physicians, lawyers, nurses, university professors, homemakers, differently abled persons, and beyond. The personal challenges of the pandemic and observations of the impact of ketamine for treatment resistant depression and anxiety led me to train in Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP) and open a private therapy practice in August 2022. I have personally experienced the benefits of ketamine in its ability to facilitate healing and growth in a therapeutic environment.