Ronni Umles, MS, MHC-LP

Mental Health Counselor
New York NY
Hello, thanks for stopping by my page! I am a psychedelic/plant medicine affirming therapist. I primarily work with clients on a long-term basis working through a variety of challenges. If you struggle with setting boundaries, communicating how you feel or connecting to your emotions, moving past trauma, find yourself lost or enmeshed in your relationships, have anxiety or depression, or need support with a life transition(s), I am here to help! If you are also curious about incorporating spirituality, altered stated of consciousness, and other alternative healing modalities as part of your healing journey, I am an open to discuss the possibilities as well as provide support around preparation, intentions, safety, and integration.
I did not follow the traditional path to becoming a therapist and my career transition went through several ups and down. After embarking on my own inner journey, I eventually gained a new perspective that led me to make several lifestyle changes. These experiences are ongoing, as they support and inform my ability to incite the healer within those I work with. I now find purpose in connecting with and supporting others who seek change for themselves to create a fulfilled and intentional life.
I see clients for individual therapy as well as hold groups. Please visit my website or contact me through here for a consultation.