Rose Center for Integrative Health

Ketamine Clinic

Glenn Harrison, MD

Location: 180 N. Michigan Ave., Chicago, IL 60601

Phone: 847 372 2076


Rose Center for Integrative Health believes that patients can make real personal decisions with real access to information. We help the patient create their own unique health program. Each patient has individual needs.

We have a lot of experience with ketamine. We understand how to dose using the nasal spray and the infusion method. The ketamine is administered to patients in a “living room” setting. Patients can bring along a person or service animal to accompany them while here.

We understand the insurance world and can navigate easily thru this maze.
Ketamine is now covered by many insurances.

We use a team approach to help people. The staff consists of MDs, psychologists, physical therapists, and drug addiction counselors.

Rate for Services

We charge each person what they can afford.

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Location Illinois, Chicago

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