RVN Wellness

Port Moody BC
We welcome everyBODY and work starting where the client is at. We recommend a free 15 minute consultation call to discuss how our clinic and community may be able to serve you.
RVN Wellness was created out of a desire to go beyond the standard yoga and counselling experience to create community and connection through movement. We have mindfully created a space where community members can come together to laugh, play, learn, and celebrate what each body is capable of. We are grounded in the yogic principle of ahimsa, (non violence) and believe this starts with non violence towards ourselves. With this in mind, we have mindfully created a space that is appropriate for everyBODY. We welcome people on every step of their journey, regardless of ability, without judgment.
- yoga - counselling - psilocybin assisted therapy - psychedelic integration and psychoeducation - additional somatic healing practices (reiki, breathwork, qi gong, plant medicine ceremonies, etc)