Ryan Gertz, AMFT, MA

Associate Marriage and Family Therapist
Mill Valley CA
I believe therapy can both deconstruct or dissolve old or unconscious patterns of being and relating that no longer serve, and can also assist in building and scaffolding new, authentic and conscious ways of being and becoming.
Ryan Gertz is an Associate Marriage and Family Therapist, Integration Coach. Active in the mental health field for 7 years. He has an integrative approach to psychology that is rooted in Somatic, Humanistic, Depth and Transpersonal psychologies. These reflect the web of wisdoms from body-mind, heart, social, and soul. His approach to healing is rooted in his commitment to an embodied spirituality, informed by movement and yoga, mindfulness and awareness practices, earth-based wisdoms of mythology, animal tracking, indigenous traditions of Brazil and Burkina Faso. Alongside Ryans private practice and coaching, he is a counselor for an elementary and middle school. Ryan also facilitates groups for community myth and storytelling, and adults with neuro-divergent properties of ADHD and HSP.