Ryan Gertz, AMFT, MA

Associate Marriage and Family Therapist
Mill Valley CA
I believe healing takes place with attention to all levels: bio-chemical, psychological, emotional, social, environmental and spiritual.
I provide healing support to individuals, couples and children who want a sense of control over their lives, deeply understand themselves, to connect with meaning and embodiment. Challenges I work with are trauma, anxiety, depression, neurodivergence, relationship issues, identity issues, mens issues and eco-anxiety. I began my healing journey from a traumatic psychedelic experience as a young adult. This was an initiation that was too much, too quickly, too soon. However it is through this wound that inner work became my path to living an authentic, expressed, meaningful and fully-lived life as well a deep understanding and respect for the process of our healing that can be difficult, isolating, and burdensome. When left to my own devices I enjoy dancing, playing or learning an instrument, mountain biking, shadow yoga, qi gong, ceremony and ritual, or simply being small when out camping in the wilderness. As a neurodivergent-adhd type my studies and personal work and growth has led to a very well-flushed out holistic process that I enjoy providing for those who identify as neurodivergent. As a male-identified person I have dedicated a lot of energy to understand and work with the particular psychic and social challenges this population faces.