Ryan Sheridan, PMHNP

Nurse Practitioner
Washington DC
I work with patients virtually or in-person.
I’m a PMHNP based in Washington, DC. My hobbies include travel, cooking (and eating), hiking, skiing, anything outdoors, exercise (CrossFit), real estate development, and reading. I love all genres of music (I'm a Barb and a Swiftie), and enjoy a thoughtful debate. Family gives purpose to my life and is a safe space, for that I am very fortunate. I received my first undergraduate degree in business from Mizzou (University of Missouri). After college I started a real estate development firm. Burn out was real for me – so I changed gears and went back to school to be a nurse. For nursing school I completed an accelerated bachelors of science in nursing at the prestigious Goldfarb School of Nursing (on the Barnes Jewish Hospital / Washington University campus in St. Louis, Missouri). My nursing experience includes time on medical/surgical and behavioral health floors, in the emergency department, partial hospitalization programs, and contract work for the Veteran’s Association. I quickly fell in love with psychiatry. I also realized how poor the model of psychiatry operates - with some of the worst outcomes in all of healthcare. I decided to specialize in psychiatric/mental health at Massachusetts College of Pharmacy. Currently, I am working on a doctorate with my research focusing on the intersection of mental health and exercise. I’ve married, divorced, loved, lost, changed careers, chased dreams, failed, made mistakes, had successes, moved cities, grieved lost loved ones, come out, struggled, been diagnosed (with ADHD, among other things), and grown. I share this with you to provide context. I am human – with all the emotions that come with being human. My intention in working with you is to be authentic. Some of my guiding principles in life and practice: + Life is best lived with an open mind that accepts change, takes turns, grows flexibly + Happiness and love are not destinations + At most, medication is only part of the solution + Expectations can cause us pain + Define success from within I look forward to working with you.