Sabrina Fish, MA, LMFT

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
Mission Viejo CA
Gone are the days of the stuffy therapist! I’m a human who laughs, cries, struggles, and thrives – just like you. The connection between therapist and client is a powerful healing tool. I show up as my true self, so that you can show up as the authentic you. Let’s navigate this sometimes messy, sometimes magical human experience together. You aren’t a problem needing to be solved. You don’t need to be “fixed”. You aren’t broken. The human experience includes struggling at times, but that doesn’t mean you need to do it alone. You have what you need inside of yourself – my purpose is to help you find your strength and find your true self, even when life challenges you.
I’m Sabrina – Telehealth Therapist and fellow imperfect human figuring out life one step at a time. I whole-heartedly believe that you have the tools inside of you to live your best life and “bloom from within”. There is no shame in seeking support – we all need guidance throughout this wild, thrilling, up-and-down journey. I aim to support you in navigating the highs and lows, while finding peace and joy through each chapter of life. I specialize in supporting teens, Gen Z, and Millennial women with creating a new relationship with the self through a holistic lens using self-compassion and somatic practices.
Ketamine is used as a supplemental therapy to traditional psychotherapy, not as a stand-alone treatment. If you are already working with a prescriber or clinic, I can support you with integration after ketamine sessions. If you are not currently undergoing treatment, I can refer you to a company that will determine if treatment is right for you and prescribe you the medicine if approved.