Sage Integrative Health

Berkeley CA
We view the human being as an intricate set of interconnected systems that has a natural inclination toward healing under the right conditions. We work collaboratively with our clients to meet their unique set of goals and access their own ability to heal. This means working with our clients to both address the symptoms and underlying causes of their health concerns. We also support our clients in taking an active role in developing and maintaining health over time. We treat our clients with respect, care, and compassion - we make sure everyone who walks through our doors is treated with warmth and openness. We celebrate diversity and welcome people of all identities, races, ethnicities, gender expressions, sexual orientations, ages, religions, sizes and abilities. We have a diverse group of practitioners and we work attentively to ensure that our clients are matched with a provider who makes them feel comfortable and welcome.
Sage Integrative Health is an integrative mental health & wellness clinic located in Berkeley, CA. We offer multiple care modalities under one roof, with skilled practitioners working collaboratively to provide holistic, individualized care. We offer ketamine-assisted therapy, individual therapy, psychiatry, naturopathic medicine, nutrition, acupuncture and massage. Our team is psychedelically aware and all of our modalities inform and support psychedelic integration. We also believe that the intricate balance between mind, body, spirit, community and nature are key to wellbeing and we at Sage aim to address all of these levels in our offerings and approaches to care.
Ketamine Assisted Therapy Psychotherapy Psychiatry & Medication Management Psychedelic Integration Acupuncture & Traditional Chinese Medicine Naturopathic Medicine Bodywork & Massage Therapy Nutrition Somatic Therapy Ketamine Integration Circle