Samantha Lau, NP

Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner & Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy Therapist
Santa Barbara CA
via a HIPPA compliant video platform; we offer in-person appointment for ketamine injections. Visit website:
Samantha Lau, PMHNP-BC, FNP-BC, a psychedelic therapist is the CEO of elevateher LLC, a personalized mental health care company that provides result-driven psychiatric care and transformational inner makeover for busy young women who are ready to unveil their vulnerable-badass selves to feel better, work better and love better. She has more than 12 years of experience in psychiatry. She has served as a planning committee member at Psych Congress since 2017, a national medical conference that provides cutting-edge research translated into clinical application by the leading minds in psychiatry and a co-chair at Elevate by Psych Congress, another national medical conference for practical psychopharmacology and future- focused education tailor-made for early career and forward-thinking mental health clinicians, ready to make waves in the field. Samantha is proud to be part these important conferences in their goal of building a better world-class mental health care system in the United States. She worked as a West Coast manager and a psychiatric nurse practitioner in behavioral health at Landmark Health, enhancing the collaboration between physical and behavioral healthcare. She received both undergraduate and graduate degrees in nursing at the University of California, Los Angeles and completed her post-graduate psychiatric nurse practitioner program from Johns Hopkins University. She is double-board-certified in family medicine and psychiatry. Her earlier career focused on becoming a more effective leader in the effort to influence health policy, with the goal of having the psychiatric field a more fluid partner in an integrated healthcare system for the betterment of both fields. Prior to Landmark Health, Samantha was an accomplished mental health care specialist, a manager of nurse practitioners and a mentor in the field at CareMore Health, Anthem Inc. She developed a quick guide for psychopharmacology and disease management and a tool for primary care practitioners to facilitate patients with mental health needs. It gives her great satisfaction to educate the public and help train the future workforce in psychiatry. She spoke to senior citizens in the community about mental illness and undergraduate students in healthcare policy at local universities.
We designed our ketamine psychedelic exploration program based on scientific research and ancient healing wisdoms. You will go deeper in your healing process. Discover the power of your inner healing intelligence and gain new meaningful insights from your subconscious. Be ready for your next breakthrough. We will also help you do psychiatric medication taper and monitoring your transition safely.