Samuel Schulze, RN, BSN, CEN, CCRN

Registered Nurse
La Jolla CA
I work with clients in a clinic setting, administering IV and IM ketamine.
Hello friends! I am a nurse with seven years of bedside clinical experience between both emergency department and intensive care settings. I am currently working on the development of an integrative mental health and wellness clinic in San Diego, Daydream MD. Our model for the time being focuses primarily on Ketamine administration and Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy. With my background in intensive care medicine I feel especially connected to work with patients coping with terminal diagnoses and end-of-life existential crisis. I am currently enrolled in a Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner program, as well as a KAP certification course. I look forward to learning from others the best methods of caring for patients from those that have more experience.
Ketamine therapy for mental health disorders and chronic pain Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy