Sankofa Psychological Services

Chicago IL
Clients work with our providers: Jason LaHood, PsyD Molly Pachan PhD Jessica E. Garcia, MA Gretchen Quattlebaum, PsyD Florence Paquet, LMSW Mary Ross-Newman, PsyD
We offer pre-treatment consultations, post-treatment consultations, and KetaTherapy ™ in both individual and group settings. In KetaTherapy ™, you will learn how to effectively dissociate during your Ketamine infusions in order to address traumas after the symptoms of depression, complex PTSD, and other mental health concerns have been alleviated. You will also learn how to deal with your everyday life after dramatic reduction in symptoms for mental illnesses that may have affected you for months, years, or decades. KetaTherapy ™ is the first and only mental health treatment specifically designed for use in conjunction with ketamine infusion treatments. It includes individual and group therapy that can help you decide whether Ketamine is right for you and optimize treatment outcomes. Most Ketamine clinics will tell you that 10-20% of patients are non-responders. Dr. Jason LaHood, the creator of KetaTherapy ™, believes that almost anyone can obtain significant symptom reductions with the right support. We have helped so-called non-responders find relief from their symptoms, and responders find more meaningful change to improve their lives. Most people legally getting psychedelic therapy right now are using IV ketamine. These clients, their therapists, medical providers, and the ketamine clinic themself often do not know what they are getting into when a client hears about ketamine, goes to a clinic to get an infusion, and pandora’s box is opened – to provide sacred crucible, deepen the profound insights, and increase longevity of results we are creating a manual and protocol for clients, therapists, and medical providers alike, in order to bridge the gap between the clinical world psychedelics are given in and the indescribable out-of-this-world internal experiences psychedelics give to clients.