Sara Herman, MD

Founder / Medical Director
Menlo Park CA
I deeply value and recognize the uniqueness of each client. I approach every individual with the understanding that their journey towards healing is influenced by their own lived experiences and biology. Before creating a personalized healing plan, I take into account not only the input from the client themselves but also the insights and recommendations of their trusted medical and mental health professionals. Throughout the healing process, I am committed to being present and walking alongside clients, supporting them through both the highs and lows. I understand that healing is not a linear path, and I am dedicated to incorporating their feedback and providing the necessary support without judgment or hidden agendas. My sole purpose is to be a source of support and guidance as clients tap into their own inner tools and capabilities for healing. I firmly believe that the power to heal lies within each individual. My role is to be a compassionate ally, empowering clients to access and utilize their own innate healing abilities. Together, we work collaboratively to discover the most effective strategies and approaches that resonate with their unique needs and goals. With this approach, we create a healing journey that is personalized, empowering, and rooted in the client's own strengths and resources.
After majoring in human biology with a concentration in technology and society at Stanford University, she studied and trained in cardiothoracic anesthesia at Harvard Medical School and Columbia University. Sara’s personal experience with mental health while undergoing breast cancer therapy in 2017 inspired her shift in focus from operating room medicine to psychedelic healing. Dr. Sara has additional intensive training in responsible and ethical psychedelic-assisted therapy and integrative healing from the California Institute of Integral Studies, The Ketamine Training Center, The Integrative Psychiatry Institute, MAPS (Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Sciences) and The Academy of Integrative Health & Medicine. She is also a member of the Ketamine Psychotherapy Associates. She has set an intention to practice psychedelic medicine with ethics, integrity, and a commitment to her patients’ holistic wellness.