Sara Tookey, PhD, DClinpsy, MA, BA

Clinical Psychologist & Existential Therapist, Psychedelic Trials Therapist, Psychedelic Integration Specialist
London ENG
I work with adults in individual, group and relationships therapy. I offer online therapy and community-based online psychedelic/expanded-states integration groups Sessions are offered weekly, fortnightly or monthly The first step would be to book an Initial consultations with me online. During this telephone/video call we can discuss: - What is bringing you to seek support at this time and what you hope to gain from therapy - An introduction to the way I work and what you can expect from engaging in therapy with me - Any questions or concerns you may have about engaging in therapy - I will also assess whether or not I can offer the right service for you, and we can get a sense of whether or not there is a good "fit" in working together. If we decide together that your needs would be better served elsewhere, I will do what I can to recommend a more suitable service or therapist to meet your needs, and I may be able to provide an onward referral if necessary. Please see my booking page to book your consultation. For more information about the way that I work, or to learn more about True North Psychology, please see my website, and our integration service page
I am a Clinical Psychologist and Existential Psychotherapist working in clinical, research and psychedelic advisory spaces. I have 12+ years experience working in mental health in the NHS, private practice, charities and academic settings in the UK, USA and India. I have experience and training as a psychological support and integration therapist in psychedelic trial research at King’s College London’s Psychoactive (formerly “Psychedelic”) Research Team. Additionally, I co-facilitate integration groups in the community and provide advisory and consulting services to companies in the psychedelic medicine industry and research. I am passionate about psychedelic-assisted therapies, and prioritising the preparation and integration of experiences with expanded states of consciousness from a harm-reduction perspective. Additional clinical specialisms include supporting individuals with GSRD (gender, sex, & relationship diversities) difficulties and those in existential distress, including individuals and families impacted by cancer and palliative illness. I am the founder and director of True North Psychology (London, UK), where I offer trauma-informed and psychedelic-informed psychotherapy and 1:1 integration therapy. I am a researcher and registered practitioner with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC), The British Psychological Society (BPS) and the Association of Clinical Psychologists UK (ACP-UK).
I work together with experts in the field in delivering webinars and training for mental health professionals and the general public. Current offerings include: “Navigating the Psychedelic Renaissance: Preparation, integration and harm reduction - explore your options”; “How to become a psychedelic-informed practitioner” I offer psychological consultancy in the following specialist areas: - Psychedelic-assisted Therapies Advising & Consultancy - Public speaking engagements - Training and Development - Compassion framework in the workplace - Research Projects - Organisational Consulting - Supervision and Mentoring - Staff Wellness Programs - Clinical Practice Development