Sarah C. Benoit, LCMHC, LMHC, PLLC

Psychotherapist; Integration Therapist and Coach
Milford NH
Working with people and helping them realize their full potential is exciting and a gift. People come to me for a variety of issues. Some present with anxiety, depression, trauma or PTSD. Others want to explore their ego, personality, entheogenic journeys and self-actualization. Whatever your reason for seeking out my services, I am ready and happy to meet you where you are. I provide a safe, confidential place for you to explore, be yourself and achieve the goals that are important to you and your life. Session are offered both virtually and in person.
After obtaining my Master of Science degree in Counseling Psychology in 2004, I began working in the community mental health setting. Quickly my passion began to focus in on trauma recovery. I worked my way into a Director position but I realized I wanted to get back into the every day therapy with clients. For me, the direct work is so important and rewarding. That prompted me to branch out on my own and start my private practice, as well as engaging in consultation. I always want to do what others are not doing. That lead me down the path of becoming certified in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing). There are so many ways to recover from trauma or simply enhance our lives to be the best versions of ourselves that we can be. Most recently I have obtained my certificate in Plant Medicine from Cornell University. This launched my interest in entheogens and the deep healing and transformation that can take place when utilizing them in an appropriate and mindful manner.