Sarah Bowie, LCSW

Chicago IL
I begin each session asking what you want for yourself, making space to dream, imagine and feel into your heart's desire. From this place of tapping into your agency, we explore what might be getting in the way. Often, we find there are survival strategies from childhood that formerly were helpful and necessary for our adaptation to our environment and caregivers. We honor, respect and make space for these strategies and all that have done to keep us alive. There may be some disconnection from the unresolved emotions that these strategies didn't feel safe enough to feel through, so we honor that process as it unfolds, witnessing and holding compassion for this very sacred experience of reconnecting to our bodies, souls, and hearts. I sometimes invite client's to bring in their dreams to support connection to psyche and the unconscious and well as IFS informed exploration of parts. I enjoy integrating astrology, human design, and the enneagram if people are interested. I also work with psychedelic integration and ketamine-assisted psychotherapy.
I am a queer, cisgender white woman, trained as a clinical social worker. I enjoy providing the space and time for people to feel heard, understood, and, when they are ready, supported enough to create new patterns that will allow for lasting growth and change on their path to self-becoming. I believe that people have an innate capacity to survive, overcome, and thrive even through the most challenging of circumstances. I also see the interconnectedness of the immense intergenerational and collective trauma that we all experience and participate in perpetuating, consciously or not. I believe this aspect of healing cannot be disconnected from the impact it has on our individual adaptation to trauma and the subsequent wisdom of survival strategies. Supporting a container of healing for people to gain awareness and connect to their own heart’s desire and inner wisdom is what draws me to this work.