Sarah Wolfer, LICSW

Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapist
Lynnwood WA
Here at Courageous You, I provide transformational psychedelic facilitation in a safe, nurturing space, aka the comfort of your own home. I am a fully-trained psychedelic-assisted therapy provider, certified through the Integrative Psychiatry Institute and I have also done my own deep work with psychedelic medicines that have prepared me to help you along your own healing journey. I operate from a non-directive approach to psychedelic preparation, facilitation, and integration. Providing a safe and supportive space for individualized healing and transformation is my highest priority. Each person’s inner intelligence is considered the primary guide for healing, along with the inner-wisdom promoting action of the ketamine. I am here to help with facilitating that connection and to provide a safe space and the support for taking the time to go deep within.
Courageous You is based in Seattle Washington and is led by me, Sarah Wolfer; a licensed clinical psychotherapist with specialized training and lived experience around working with partner(s), queer folx, and non-monogamous humans. My life’s work is to provide safe and supportive spaces for queer and non-monogamous humans to explore their inner world and find the healing they need to live a fulfilling life. Courageous You is dedicated to realizing this mission by providing trauma-informed ketamine-assisted psychotherapy for those who are part of these communities. All services take place from the comfort of your own home (entirely virtual).
Courageous You offers a 4 month virtual ketamine-assisted psychotherapy program in collaboration with ISHA Health. I do the therapy part, and they handle the medical part. The first month of the program will be all about preparation, and you will have 1 preparation session each week leading up to the dosing phase of treatment. Months 2 and 3 will have one 3 hour dosing session each week (Fridays) and one prep and one integration session weekly as well. After the 8 weeks of dosing, we will transition to month 4, where we will meet once per week for integration sessions to conclude the treatment program, and re-assess where you're at. You will be guided along every step of the way and I have prepared materials to take home with you to help you along your healing journey. Part of this program is covered by insurance (if applicable) and I also have a sliding scale available. You can head to to check out full program details. New programs start every 3 months.