Sashi Gerzon-Rose, MA, LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor
Boulder CO
As a seasoned yoga and meditation teacher, I often bring in an experiential and body-based approach to therapy, because it is only by actually feeling our unique struggles and joys that we are able to tap into the common intelligence of what it means to be human. My style is warm and direct, and I love laughing as well as crying with my clients.
We are always, already in relationship. Whether it is a relationship to another person, place, or oneself, we are in some way connected to and affected by our surroundings. It’s in relationship that our deepest hurt can take place, and it’s also in relationship that our most profound and liberating healing can occur. Let’s utilize relationship- yours and mine, other relationships in your life (partner or friends), and the greater context of society, culture, and nature to illuminate why you operate the way you do, and how you can choose new ways of being that bring you greater joy, strength, and clarity. I am passionate about supporting people who are ready to learn and take their healing and life into their own hands. I’m experienced in helping people metabolize and grow from past trauma, depression, anxiety, relationship issues, addictions, and grief, and deepen into their personal growth, capacity, and joy. As a life-long learner who walks this path of healing myself, I continue to immerse myself in the most powerful modalities and bodies of research our field has to offer, so that I may best assist my clients. I am trained in EMDR, Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy, IFS, Adult Development, and Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples. In addition to my therapy practice, I teach yoga, both in group class format as well as in teacher trainings, and have taught as Adjunct Faculty at Naropa University. I am a meditation instructor as well as an ordained Monk in the Zen school of Buddhism.