Scott Gordon, MA

Registered Psychological Associate
Berkeley CA
We’ll use mindfulness and somatic awareness as informed by the Hakomi method to explore connection with self. By using mindfulness to explore our embodied experience we can often locate underlying memories, beliefs, and missing experiences impacting our relationship with our self. We’ll work within the therapeutic relationship as informed by psychoanalysis to explore connection with others. By working relationally, we can discover how patterns of relating occur in the present moment and build new ways of relating with others. We’ll bring curiosity to our connection with the world as informed by transpersonal psychology, nature itself, and various spiritual traditions. We can connect with a more whole experience of ourselves by bringing awareness to our connection with the world. Therapy is often an integration of all these connections. I will listen carefully and ask questions to help us navigate across these terrains with a hope to help you connect with yourself.
My work is inspired by meditation, yoga, earth-based spirituality, and improvisational music. Please reach out to learn more about me and how we might work together.