Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor
Cincinnati OH
First, I begin with assessing a clients needs and explore goal planning to support individualized care. Then, we begin unfolding their present experience to support them in getting to the needs their looking for in life to reach their fullest potential in whatever that may look like for each person.
As a clinician, my hope is to walk alongside clients as they unfold the layers of themselves that have influenced their emotions, thoughts, and behaviors impacting their struggles. Through this experience, my hope is to assist clients stepping into their confidence of becoming their true, unique self without judgement. Early on in my counseling career, my work focused specific in severe opioid addictions counseling for 5 years. Then, I began to refocus my scope exploring my practice of diagnosing and treating mental health concerns in the last 4 years. Although, a majority of my career was spent working with severe opioid use disorder population in Medicated Assisted Treatment in total of 8 years. Then, in the last year have been working in corporate wellness behavioral health services. During my work, I began exploring mental health struggles due to my interest in studying the impact trauma has on substance abuse issues. I provide compassionate understanding with trauma informed care. As well as holistic care towards struggles with depression, anxiety, codependency, mood disorders, personality disorders, grief, spiritual exploration, life transitions and whatever may be causing a client dis-ease in their lives. I meet every client where they are without judgement, listening deeply to each individual story and experience. I passionately work as a mental health therapist to connect with each client’s pain and vulnerable pieces of self that may not be the easiest to share with anyone in order to promote healing and growth. I enjoy walking mindfully with you in your healing process while honoring your thoughts and emotions to guide the process of recovery. I look forward to hearing your story.
Physician Collaborative Ketamine Assisted Therapy