Shannon Yeardley, MA

Clinical and Integrative Psychologist
Cedar Creek QLD
My approach is to a standard longer session of 90 minutes. I find it more therapeutic to work in depth for a shorter period of time so I tend to work in blocks of four 90 minute sessions after the initial consultation usually within a period of 6 weeks. Please book an initial consultation and we will make sure that we are a good match to work together before booking a block of four sessions. Previous clients are most welcome to book in for a single 90 minute consultation as a one off check in but it is best to book a block of sessions if working through a current challenge or integration. A medicare rebate for Clinical Psychology applies when referred by your GP under a Mental Health Care Plan of $137.05 per session. Some private health funds cover psychology. No referral is required if not wishing to access medicare.
I have been a therapist for most of my life and have worked in both traditional and non traditional practice environments. I first became aware of psychedelic assisted therapy a few years ago when my dad was diagnosed with a life limiting illness and I was exploring ways to help him find peacefulness towards end of life. From those years emerged a creative freedom which resulted in me becoming an artist at around the same time and I decided to pursue this full time and thought that traditional psychology was behind me. However I started to miss the beauty and depth in working with people to help move beyond blocks and struggle to connect to expansion, joy and peacefulness. So nowadays I am part time artist and part time therapist - working mostly from nature based settings. I have been a therapist to many other therapists and psychologists and I especially love to work with people who identify as highly sensitive (HSP) or intuitive. I love to work with psychedelic preparation and integration and am very comfortable in this space. My art studio and psychology practice are located on beautiful Garumngar land at Cedar Creek (near Samford) on the northside of Brisbane, Australia. I have also established and run a charity The Flower Project Foundation for three years (my love of nature and plants features heavily in my work!) and I have had a garden since a very young age. At Cedar Creek we have five acres, mostly bush and rainforest but with a flower garden, two labradors, a cat who thinks he is a dog and lots of friendly chickens... I love to discover and create art that resonates and draws the viewer in, finding an emotion or resonance that they can relate to on a deeper level and this can also be part of your sessions if desired!
Day nature retreats and women's groups in development!