Sharleen Uy, MA, BSN

Registered Clinical Counsellor #16841
Vancouver BC
For individual therapy, I am especially drawn to work with topics such as: anxiety, ADHD, dyslexia, asynchronous development, childhood and intergenerational trauma, chronic pain, stress management, sexuality, crisis intervention, balancing masculine and feminine self, relational/self-care strategies, self-esteem, life transitions, personal growth, spirituality, and personal awakening. When working with couples therapy, I am a diplomatic mediator focusing on building heart-centered connection and harmony between partners. I can work with topics such as: deeper connection, parenting, sexual intimacy, polarized relational issues, motherhood/fatherhood, communication, and conflict resolution. Are you curious about psychedelics and wondering if it is right for you? I believe there is no such thing as a bad trip - when we respect the medicine with adequate care and preparation, the divine plant medicine will respect you too. Come in for a pre-psychedelic session and we can help you explore options!
"The meaning of life is to find your gift, the purpose of life is to share it" -Pablo Picasso My heritage is Chinese, I was born in the Philippines. Living with a traumatic family upbringing perpetuated feelings of misunderstanding, anxiety and sadness deeper than the ocean. These overwhelming feelings led me to search for answers. Many years of self-discovery through therapy + connection empowered me with the courage to accept my true self. Sharing my sensitivity gift with others through counselling lights up my heart and I hope to help others in empowering their hearts and discovering their gifts as well. I acknowledge in life that blessings and challenges go hand in hand. In other words, there’s no light without the darkness, no gifts without trauma, no happiness without grief, no right without wrong, no improvement without error, and no true love without heartache. This realization facilitates acceptance of life as a whole and therefore embraces the past, present and future. I am a mystic, minimalist, and vegan. I enjoy forest bathing, cycling, dancing, travelling, hiking and classical music. Every day I love walking outdoor meditating, praying and singing while manifesting serenity and connecting to the soft symphony of the mother earth.