Sharon Slate, RPsych

Registered Psychologist
Calgary AB
I believe in the collaborative relationship that is co-created in a counselling relationship. I am there to create a safe container for clients to explore healing in a way that is supportive and authentic.
Over the past 18 years, my approach has explored connecting the mind and the body and so I utilize various techniques from these diverse modalities. I aim to bring awareness to the role our mindset plays in helping or hindering personal growth and development as well as working with the body in focused somatic and body-oriented psychotherapeutic approaches. I marvel at the wisdom of our bodies to find healing despite difficult traumas and challenges. I provide Supervision for Provisionally Registered Psychologists I am so grateful to spend my days creating meaningful opportunities to work with others through counselling, breathwork, and various workshops. I am regularly inspired by the strength, determination, and courage clients show throughout our work together.
Psychedelic Preparation & Integration Support