Shayan Salar, LCSW

New Brunswick NJ
Those I collaborate with have unique lived experiences connected to a variety of complex histories, outcomes, dynamics, and adaptive responses. They’re in search of a therapist who is resonant, attuned, and with the times; someone who can meet them in their intricacies and provide a safe space devoted to the exploration of their inner and outer worlds. My goal is to offer just that: to co-create therapeutic experiences that fully honor the entirety of a persons being - not just their symptoms, identified labels, and categorizations.
While I identify as a "human" more than anything else, I am a first-generation Iranian-American born and raised in New Jersey by parents who left Iran during the 1979 revolution. Growing up in-between two cultural dynamics created several internal and external conflicts. Stressful and traumatic earlier life experiences prompted the need for me to undergo my own healing process. This process led me to want to further my educational and professional pursuits, only fueling my desire to seek knowledge and answers about the sources of suffering connected to history, intersectionality, trauma, culture, systems, environment, relationship, biology, and behavior. When I am not helping others, I am adamantly partaking in my own process by honing my craft through continued education, training, and consultation; guiding people through meditative experiences, facilitating integration circles, traveling, staying active, being in nature, reading, and giving myself full permission to live my life as I see fit outside of my role.