Simi Lichtman, LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Highland Park NJ
My clients have included domestic violence victims, sexual violence survivors, incarcerated offenders, college and graduate students, and LGBTQ youth, as well as couples, adults, and adolescents spanning a number of cultures, socio-economic statuses, and identities. My starting point with every single one of my clients is to meet my client where they're at. Most important to me is establishing safety, trust, and connection with my clients, ensuring that they both know and feel that I will never judge them, and will accept all of their feelings, experiences, and identities with compassion and without judgment.
I am a trauma-focused licensed clinical social worker living and working in central New Jersey. I attended Rutgers University for my MSW, where I also received specialized trauma education through their Violence Against Women and Children certificate program. Since graduating in 2016, I have focused my therapeutic work on treating survivors of interpersonal violence, and on working with couples using Emotionally Focused Therapy. As an Orthodox Jew, and a practitioner who has worked with Jewish clients from all denominations, I have a personal and professional understanding of Jewish culture, religion, and intergenerational traumas, and how these can impact mental health and interpersonal relationships. My husband and co-practitioner, Dr. Jeremy Lichtman, and I were trained by MAPS in MDMA-Assisted Psychotherapy for Trauma, and believe strongly in the potential of psychedelic medicine to facilitate powerful therapeutic processing and healing from trauma and a number of other diagnoses. We are currently accepting new clients in our joint practice.