Simon Yugler, MA, LPC, Intern

Licensed Professional Counselor Intern
Portland OR
A specialty area of mine is in “psychedelic integration support,” which involves processing and preparing for potentially life-changing psychedelic experiences. This is informed by both academic research and extensive personal experience and training, utilizing a harm reduction based approach. I do not offer psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy or connection to underground guides.
Whether spending time with indigenous communities in Australia and Peru, guiding students on educational adventures abroad, or living on my own in the developing world, much of my life has been a journey of self discovery. I am profoundly grateful for these life experiences and how they changed me. I was led to become a psychotherapist while engaged in an immersive study of traditional plant medicine in the Peruvian Amazon. At a young age I was interested in Jungian psychology and spiritual practices. The rich body work of what is now called the mythopoetic men’s movement inspired me to deepen my study of archetypes, masculinity, and initiation, which laid the foundation for approach to psychology. Prior to becoming a psychotherapist I worked with National Geographic Student Expeditions and Carpe Diem Education as an experiential educator and guide, leading groups of young adults across 10 countries.