Sonia Singh, LCSW, LCADC

Clinical Executive Director / Psychotherapist
Jersey City NJ
I work with my clients in tele-health individual sessions, group sessions, extended treatment retreat trips, in-community concierge sessions and workshops. I also provide specialized services for high profile individuals, private groups, private events, small businesses and corporations.
I am a double board licensed therapist in New Jersey, New York and Florida, as well as an alternative therapist who specializes in aiding mental health and substance abuse concerns with alternative psychedelic medicines and holistic interventions. I have been working in the healthcare industry for over 20 years, as a therapist since 2009, and I have operated a successful alternative private practice since 2017. My groundbreaking professional work with cannabis includes adopting New Jersey's first brief intervention medical marijuana program for mental health sufferers, as well as various cannabis and psychedelic treatment interventions and therapies. I am also an author and expert contributor for Rolling Stone Magazine, or, where I serve on their Culture Council and write psychedelic, cannabis and mental health articles aimed for consumers and healthcare providers. You can view my articles at I am the owner of COITHEALTH, Inc, an alternative mental health and substance abuse treatment clinic based in Metropolitan New Jersey and New York City. I serve on several non-profit boards, aiding the advancement of psychedelic treatments into state and county level treatment settings, as well as a considered therapy for Domestic Violence. My education has been achieved through Rutgers University and Harvard University
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