St Mark's Institute for Mental Health

New York City NY
The patient will go through a general intake in order to access which services they need. Then we will discuss our recommendations. They will also be evaluated by a psychiatrist. For Ketamine therapy it is a little different. The patient needs to bring in a letter stating that he has been diagnosed with major depression and that the psychiatrist believes Ketamine would be beneficial. If the patient does not have a psychiatrist, our office can provide one for an evaluation. Then the patient can choose to do ketamine treatment only, or ketamine assisted psychotherapy.
St Mark's Institute for Health offers mental health, substance use treatment, and primary care. We offer in-person, and Tele-health services. We have LCSWs, LMSWs, Psychiatrists, and MDs. We provide all types of psychotherapy, Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS), psychiatric medication management, ketamine, suboxone, vivitrol, out patient detox, and full primary care.
Mental Health Services (psychotherpay, and psychiatric medication management), Substance Mis-Use Services, out patient detoxification, transcranial magentic stimulation, Group therapy, individual therapy, psychiatric medication management, suboxone, vivitrol, Drunk Driving Counseling,