Stacey Kiran, LCSW

Mental Health Clinician
Chicago IL
I pride myself on meeting my clients where they are, and working collaboratively with each of my clients and couples. We all at times go through periods when processing, whether towards change or healing, becomes necessary. I hope to make that process a bit more comfortable, so that you are not alone, and also to help you move through your journey with integrity and intention. Many of my clients report feeling it to be easier to approach difficult topics due to us having a friendly relationship as a foundation. I believe that foundation is in part created due to our efforts in seeing and validating their own internal strengths.
I earned my Bacherlor's of Science from Purdue University in Psychology, and my Master's in Social Work with Mental Health focus from Indiana University (both at the Indianapolis, IN campuses, IUPUI). I have lived and worked in South Korea, and completed an internship in Dharamsala, India. I include this because I found living abroad to foster a strong foundation in seeing the world through other peoples' eyes... something that I use every time I meet with a client. We all have been raised in and are ourselves creating our own 'culture,' meaning we all (consciously or otherwise) are seeing the world in a way that makes sense to us and are aligned with our goals. And when the beliefs, customs and/or ways of perceiving the world that are comprising our curated culture need challenging, or get challenged, it can be very uncomfortable and maybe even traumatizing. I pride myself on finding the Value in how your ways have been serving you first, before we begin exploring the ways they may continue to serve you, how we can reclaim them (if they have been bruised or abused by others), or how you may want modify them to find your fullest expression.