Stan Pawlak, MA

Clinical Psychologist
Poznań WP
In my work I try to integrate various psychological approaches and theories like process oriented psychology, humanistic therapy and use my experience from addiction therapy. I look at the client holistically. I work with people suffering from addiction at addiction department in hospital. I also work with people who have psychedelic experiences with intentions to bring these experiences into their lives.
I completed a master’s degree in clinical psychology at the University of Social Sciences and Humanities in Poznan. I also completed two-year study of Process Oriented Psychology at the Institute of Process Psychology in Warsaw. I am currently developing in the field of addiction psychotherapy by attending to a training for addiction psychotherapists and working in hospital, at addiction treatment department. I am also a member of the Polish Psychedelic Society. I live in Poznan, Poland. I am young and open-minded and interested in new approaches to treatment psychological problems like addiction, existential crisis and relationship problems. I can characterized myself as mindful and accepted for various experiences and different ways of interpreting reality. My advantages are sensitivity, empathy, tolerance and non-judging.