Stefanie Rosen, PsyD, LMFT

Marriage Family Therapist
Westlake Village CA
For KAP work I use a pretty standard structure: several meetings to get to know you and what you are struggling with or seeking, medicine sessions during which I am by your side as you go deep within, and the all-important integrations sessions to understand and make use of your insights and experiences. We repeat the cycle as many times as you are called to do.
I am a highly trained, veteran psychotherapist with a doctorate in Contemporary Psychoanalysis. I am proud of the level of experience, education and training I offer my patients, along with a strong presence of compassion, understanding and safety, which allow me to be a true partner in their healing. I am thrilled to be working on the new frontier of psychedelic-assisted modalities, in which I am a true-believer.