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Camarillo CA
All patients start with a new patient consultation before treatment is offered. During this time, a medical and mental health assessment are done and previous medical records are reviewed. The mental health assessment is done by a licensed mental health provider. Dr. Wolfsohn does the medical evaluation and mental health screening. Patients are given baseline inventories to screen for the presence and severity of common symptoms treated with ketamine. Information about ketamine therapy, routes of administration, informed consent including risks / benefits / alternatives to ketamine therapy, treatment protocols, and adjunctive therapies are discussed. Communication with new and/or existing mental health providers is established to coordinate care. A supportive family member or advocate is also encouraged to participate in this process.Dr. Wolfsohn provides all clinical services related to the care and monitoring of every patient. If a patient is having ketamine assisted psychotherapy (KAP), then a second provider will join us in the treatment room. The KAP provider is a licensed mental health provider that utilizes different modalities based on the individual patient needs and according to their specialized training and expertise.
Board-certified anesthesiologist Stefany Wolfsohn, MD, at Ventura Center for Advanced Therapeutics in Camarillo, California, is a leading provider of cutting-edge ketamine-based therapies and IV therapy solutions. Dr. Wolfsohn has obtained additional mental health, trauma and psychedelic medicine training. She moderates a local, monthly peer consultation group and regularly participates in organized meetings about new developments in ketamine therapy treatments and psychedelic medicine. Dr. Wolfsohn provides all clinical services related to the care and monitoring of every patient.
Services offered: IV, IM, IN and/or sublingual / oral ketamine therapy for mood disorders, PTSD and chronic pain conditions Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP) with a licensed mental health provider Integration Support with Dr. Wolfsohn Tarotpy® : Dr. Wolfsohn is a certified Tarotpy® Practitioner (April 2023). Tarotpy® is a projective tool that utilizes visual imagery to help access the unconscious and our own inner resources. It is a helpful to gain new insight and perspective, to stimulate imagination and creativity, to discover synchronicty and help with the healing process. Tarotpy® can be done as part of integration support or as a separate service. IV hydration, vitamin and supplement infusions