Steph Tuazon, LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Los Angeles CA
Steph loves working with BIPOC millennials, LGBTQIA+ community, 1st and 2nd gen children of immigrants. Some of Steph’s favorite clients are: - High achievers navigating predominantly white institutions - First(s) in their family breaking intergenerational trauma - Students studying to be a therapist, healer, or clinician - Individuals wanting to tend to their intimacy and religious guilt - First time trying therapy or wanting a more body based than CBT-only approach - Folx questioning and wanting to be in better relation to their identities - Filipino/a/x wanting to explore with someone who identifies with their culture Steph’s lived experience and commitment to anti-oppression and liberation informs their practice. They collaborate with your strengths to assist in re-membering your stories and re-building trust with the body, brain, and spirit. She believes in the therapeutic relationship first and will often avoid using mental health jargon if they can. Meaning, you are the expert in your care and Steph is here to give a direct but gentle space.
Steph (she/they/siya) is a Pinay/Pilipinx-American therapist (LCSW #84181) seeking to create a healing environment and safer container for those looking to explore their identities, purpose, and authenticity. They are on unceded Tongva territory (Los Angeles) with parents who immigrated from the Philippines (Tagalog and Kapampangan ancestry). She believes in this time of de-colonization, our mental health is vital to sustain the work we do. Navigating mostly white spaces while balancing familial/cultural values can be challenging and confusing. Experiencing sexual assault or having any of your boundaries pushed beyond your consent is not okay. You are not “crazy.” Spiritual bypassing and limiting yourself to only positive thoughts is problematic. Let's talk about your shadows and how we can grow with them.