Stephanie Coleman, MD, MPH

Medical Doctor
Los Angeles CA
I work with clients using ketamine as a solo treatment or in conjunction with psychotherapists to offer ketamine assisted psychotherapy. If provided as a solo treatment I work with patients providers to coordinate care. I have a strong belief in intention setting and integration in order to achieve the highest potential benefits. Mental and physical health go hand in hand and I promote healthy life styles to support healing, including diet recommendations, mindfulness, stress reduction, and sleep routines.
Dr. Coleman is a licensed physician who is trained in ketamine assisted therapy, a reiki master, health coach, and lover of holistic health and healing. Dr. Coleman was trained in the traditional western medicine culture and believes that the best health we can achieve is where holistic meets western medicine, creating a balance is ideal and should be individualized. Dr. Coleman strongly believes that psychedelic medicine is a profound and safe healing process to address not only mental health, but also physical health. Disrupting the thoughts, labels, stories, and patterns that we create and live by each day, not only have an effect on our mental health, but in turn this effects the way we act in relation to our physical well being. She truly believes that the body does have an inner healing intelligence and psychedelic medicine allows us to tap into and listen to this healer. It is by going inside and exploring our inner selves that we can grow, heal, and achieve our desired state of health and happiness.
I currently am not taking new clients in Los Angeles, but in my Utah practice we offer individual and group ketamine treatment.