Stephen Thayer, PhD

Clinical Psychologist
Draper UT
Individual and group ketamine-assisted psychotherapy
Stephen Thayer, PhD, earned his undergraduate and graduate degrees at Brigham Young University, where his doctoral research focused on measuring and optimizing therapeutic relationships in group and individual psychotherapy. Dr. Thayer is dedicated to helping people help themselves. He uses various therapeutic methods to accomplish this goal, but is especially excited about the therapeutic potential of psychedelic medicines. Dr. Thayer has witnessed ketamine’s treatment-enhancing effect in his work with ketamine assisted psychotherapy and is excited to work with Cedar Psychiatry in bringing this treatment to the people who need it most. He completed his clinical residency with the U.S. Air Force at Wilford Hall Ambulatory Surgical Center in San Antonio, Texas, receiving training in cutting-edge treatment modalities for PTSD. Following his residency, Dr. Thayer had the privilege of serving as an activity duty clinical psychologist stationed at Barksdale Air Force Base in Shreveport, LA. While in the military, Dr. Thayer served as the Barksdale Mental Health Clinic Officer In Charge, managed the base Alcohol & Drug Abuse Prevention & Treatment (ADAPT) Program, provided therapeutic and assessment services and counseled military leadership about community mental health concerns. He received state-of-the-art military leadership training at U.S. Air Force Squadron Officer School and at pre-deployment Combat Airman Skills Training. Dr. Thayer maintains his commitment to serving veterans and first responders through his position as the Executive Director of Therapeutic Operations for the World Voice Project—a non-profit dedicated to recording, preserving, and sharing the personal histories of our nation's heroes. Dr. Thayer currently holds the position of Clinical Director, Education & Training at Novamind, a company dedicated to bringing psychedelic medicine to the world. Check out his podcast Psychedelic Therapy Frontiers available on YouTube and wherever you listen to podcasts. When he’s not busy being Dr. Thayer, he’s just Steve—lover of skiing, mountaineering, good books, engrossing video games, mindless action films, moving music, his amazing wife, and his wonderful children.