Steve Friedlander, LMFT

Los Angeles CA
Therapy is a sacred ritual space in which we are afforded the opportunity to realize wholeness, re-author our own unique life stories, and move beyond the old. Depression, anxiety, grief, trauma and other related phenomenon can compromise our ability to live the way in which we want and thwart the quality of our relationships, however, they can also be powerful catalysts for change and transformation. Painful as these conditions and symptoms often are, they present us with an invitation to discover, uncover and move beyond that which is causing our suffering. My aim is to dignify, empower and liberate those I work with and guide individuals towards increased awareness and integrity in a non judgmental, supportive and accepting space. Our work together will be collaborative and integrative. As a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, I am oriented towards involving the body and nervous system in the healing process. Equally important is bringing vital attention to the influence of how we, as individuals, create meaning and the influence that language, culture, politics and dominant discourse have on the construction of selfhood. Our true identities exist outside the realm of problems and we all have the freedom to construct, create and perform our lives in ways that align with our own chosen values. In addition to immersive training in Narrative therapy and somatic experiencing, our work together will draw on mindfulness, dream work, Internal family systems, attachment theory and jungian psychology. I am trained in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing).
Touched by trauma, adverse childhood experiences and a fast paced, unstable adolescence, Steve’s interest in healing began early on. He began touring with bands at the age of 15. Being exposed to disenfranchised populations, art, addictions and individuals passionate about changing the world led to Steve becoming captivated by what makes us who we are and why we feel what we do. During his tenure at the University of British Columbia, Steve began a path of exploration into Eastern and Western Mysticism, Jungian psychology and a host of other psychotherapeutic modalities. On his travels to over 25 countries, Steve was afforded the opportunity of spending time with countless guides, teachers and way-showers. Through these experiences and his academic research, Steve began to understand that for many of us, there is a disconnect between who we are and who we think we should be, which obstructs us from our true selves, misdirects our life goals, and keeps us from being truly free. Steve also realized that almost all of us struggle with some form of trauma, whether great or small and that we are all hampered by the stress and anxiety of daily existence. A profound spiritual awakening in his early 30’s and subsequent integration process enabled Steve to overcome life long struggles with depression, anxiety and trauma. His own personal experiences and challenges with these issues has led not only deep empathy and compassion for those who continue to contend with them, but also a deep conviction and knowing that they can be overcome. Steve’s greatest passion is for serving as a guide in the process of transformation and the realization of our greatest potential.