Stone Fu, RPQ, MA

Psychotherapist; Relationship Counsellor
Hamilton ON
I have experience working with clients who deal with depression, anxiety, bipolar, complex trauma, attachment issues, relationship/family issues, substance addiction, porn and sexual addiction, obsessive-compulsive behaviours, grief and loss, and spiritual emergence (traditionally deemed as drug-induced psychosis). The clients I see are hurting, but they're capable, open-minded, and ready to look into themselves. Whatever you've been through, there's always a way forward. I feel honoured to be your guide and witness.
I'm a licensed therapist practicing full-time in Hamilton, Ontario. After some profound personal experiences with psilocybin mushroom and LSD, having had both good and bad trips, I decided to dive into this field. My mission is to help people expand their consciousness and achieve optimal well-being while expanding the boundary of my own knowledge, spirituality, and healing (yes therapist needs healing too!). I lived in China for 17 years before I moved to Canada in 2011. I used to be a devout Christian. After years of spiritual searching and struggles, I have landed at the intersection of "spiritual but not religious" (SBNR), transpersonal psychology, and psychedelics. In 2019, I founded Centre For Spiritual Growth - a Chinese-speaking online liberal spiritual community. I can also communicate in Mandarin and Cantonese. My wife and I live in Hamilton, Ontario. I love reading books and playing badminton.
Integration; consultation; trip sitting; couple counselling