Sue-Ellen Taylor, MPsychEd

Lismore NSW
My therapeutic approach has at its core the idea that every individual has within them their own wisdom and pathways to healing. I see myself as a facilitator of each individuals creative process in connecting with their own internal healing resources.
I am an Australian registered psychologist. I am currently living 6 months per year in Australia and 6 months per year in Europe based in Berlin. My practice is an Australian based online practice but I am available by special arrangement for in person sessions in both Australia and Europe. I have been working in private practice since 2004. My foundation undergraduate training was in Psychology, Sociology, Anthropology, Biology and Art. My Post Graduate training has been in Developmental Psychology. As a result of my background I have an ethos of life long learning, growth and development. My primary goal in assisting people is to facilitate their own journey of personal growth and healing.
I offer Preparation and resourcing for Psychadelic Assisted Therapy. I also offer Integration services for post PAT experiences. My practice involves the processing of all forms of intense and non-ordinary state experiences. This includes all forms of experience including those induced by ecstatic states and Trauma.