Suegee Tamar-Mattis, DO

Sebastopol CA
Individually or with one of our team's therapists. Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy (SL/IM) Ketamine adjunctive treatment (added to ongoing medical/psychiatric care) Coordinating with other providers and therapists
My interest in psychedelic-assisted therapy grew out of providing medical care and other services in local LGBTI, homeless, and Native American communities, as well as my personal experiences. I am board-certified in Family Medicine, certified in psychedelic-assisted therapies and research from the California Institute for Integral Studies, and trained in ketamine-assisted psychotherapy at the Polaris Insight Center. As a long-time Sonoma County resident, I have been deeply involved in serving our community as a medical professional: completing the UCSF Santa Rosa Family Practice Residency program; working for community organizations such as Sonoma County Indian Health Project, Brookwood Health Center (serving people experiencing homelessness), Sutter Medical Center, and Kaiser Permanente. I also founded the transgender clinic at Santa Rosa Community Health Centers. Beyond my Sonoma County work, I have worked as advocate for the intersex community, serving as a consultant for Human Rights Watch and as a medical advisor to interACT: Advocates for Intersex Youth. I’m also a certified Permaculturist. When I’m not working, I enjoy board games, cooking, studying various traditions of meditation, and life in Sonoma County with my large family and an even larger number of chickens.
As part of Evolve Mind Wellness clinic, I offer Ketamine-assisted therapy treatments within a supported and integrated, safe and peaceful psychotherapeutic framework, working together with Evolve's care team of doctors and psychotherapists. Our protocols are carefully individualized and paced with preparatory and integrative sessions over the course of treatment. If you are already engaged in psychotherapy on a regular basis, we will coordinate treatment sessions and integration with that provider to maximize therapeutic benefit. Evolve Mind Wellness has a long-term vision of providing future psychedelic assisted treatments and therapies as they become FDA-approved and legal for clinical office use. We are also working towards offering group sessions, group retreats, and sliding scale treatments. (See our website for updates.) Our center is located in Sebastopol, California, and we offer telehealth services in California and Colorado.