Summit Ketamine Therapy

Salt Lake City UT
SCPTR has designed a treatment protocol for Ketamine-assisted PsychoTherapy that is highly effective in reducing depression and anxiety (>85%). The protocol combines the neurologic benefits of psychedelic therapy (decreased DMN and increased neuroplasticity) with emotion-focused and psychodynamic therapies to create long-term and lasting remission from depression and anxiety. As you look for a Ketamine clinic, be sure to ask if they use Psychotherapy alongside Ketamine. Ketamine (like all psychedelics) must be done with the appropriate therapy to have significant and lasting results. Ketamine alone has limited and short-term benefits but many clinics are unethically giving Ketamine alone, suggesting it is a miracle without any understanding or support through mental health therapy or integration work. The work to change is still done in therapy. Use your precious time and resources wisely and choose a Ketamine clinic that knows how to treat mental health issues. SCPTR training program has trained many of the local clinicians. Find out how we can help you