Sunny Strasburg, LMFT, MA

Marriage and Family Therapist
Salt Lake City UT
I see myself as a creative collaborator with my therapy clients. I incorporate ketamine assisted therapy, EMDR, hypnosis and dream analysis in an eclectic way to serve individual client needs. EMDR is an effective tool for processing trauma, but the ability to support that experience with psychedelic medicines alleviates suffering for many more clients in significantly less time. These medicines often evoke what I call the “Observer” part of the psyche. This wise part has the distance to feel a deep sense of empathy toward the traumatized parts of the psyche. I recognize practitioners of this psychedelic assisted therapy require the best training in how to properly and legally support clients using these medicines, and to follow empirically-based protocols which have been proven safe and effective. This is particularly essential for fragile, traumatized clients. I am a lover of nature and spend time hiking, trail running and mountain biking in the gorgeous Wasatch Mountains and the deserts in Southern Utah. I enjoy fitness, research in psychology, philosophy and the philosophical implications of nascent areas of research such as the juxtaposition of psychedelics and artificial intelligence.
Sunny Strasburg is a Marriage and Family Therapist in private practice, licensed in Utah and Maryland. Sunny is the Clinical Director of Operations at Tripp, Inc providing psychedelic support via mobile and virtual reality. She is a lead trainer at the Ketamine Training Center and an EMDR Certified trauma specialist. She is a graduate of the Certification for Psychedelic Assisted Therapy from the California Institute of Integral Studies. Sunny utilizes Gottman Couples Method, attachment theory, Jungian Depth psychology, and Ego State work. Mrs Strasburg offers Ketamine Assisted Therapy, both individual therapy lozenge sessions, as well as group ketamine retreats. Sunny has co-founded the nonprofit organization, Indra’s Net Coalition with Dr. Phil Wolfson She is trained by MAPS in MDMA and Compass Pathways in psilocybin assisted psychotherapy. She is involved in the CPTR Alumni Association Communications Team. Sunny hosts retreats in Park City, Utah, California and Costa Rica.
Individual Ketamine Assisted Therapy, Group Ketamine Assisted Therapy