Susan Borden, APRN, CNP, PMHNP

Saint Paul MN
I currently offer psychiatric assessments, medication management that includes integrative options, and comprehensive education along with KAP and psychedelic-informed integration. I use a trauma-informed approach to working with mental health concerns, and often focuses on early attachment and developmental trauma as underlying factors of psychological, emotional, and spiritual suffering as well as many other health conditions. I spend time with clients and warmly welcome dialog and supportive processing during appointments. I guide clients toward a more self-actualized, self-aware state, joining each client in co-creating an individualized pathway for empowerment. I am committed to making my services accessible, equitable, and justice-oriented, and to creating spaces for growth, accountability, freedom, and transformation.
I deliver integrative mental health care through nonjudgmental, compassionate, individualized, accessible, and evidence-based interactions with clients and families. I work to foster trust and therapeutic alliance as a foundation for a holistic, and co-created approach to wellness. I engage in the compassionate use of expanded states of consciousness through extensive training and ongoing consultation in ketamine-assisted psychotherapy (KAP) at Polaris Institute. I'm dedicated to community building and affiliating with experts in the field, along with my personal immersion in medicine work healing, various psychotherapy modalities, and my own yoga and meditation practice, providing me with a broad base of knowledge and understanding.