Susanna Guarino, LMHC

Licensed Mental Health Counselor
Rochester NY
Reasons you might be seeking therapy include: *You grew up in a conservative culture that prevented you from expressing your authentic self *You're so smart that you're often in your head but you have trouble getting in touch with what you're feeling, and it's impacting your relationships negatively *You're struggling with existential malaise and you're not sure what your purpose is *Self-doubt keeps you from speaking up or showing up fully in your life Reasons couples might be seeking therapy include: *You and your partner keep having the same fight over and over *Your fights escalate quickly and neither of you feels heard or understood *You're growing apart and struggling to communicate *You're struggling with big life changes like having a child and need help navigating difficult times together In our work together, I want to help you tap into your own creativity and inner wisdom while also drawing from evidence-based modalities to help you live a purposeful life, strengthen your relationships, get to know yourself in a deeper way, and reach your goals as a couple or an individual. Whether you want couples therapy or individual therapy, you deserve to have space to be seen, heard, heal from what's hurt you, and move towards what you want for your life. You can learn how to navigate difficult relationships, communicate in healthier ways, manage anxiety and get un-stuck. You can find a way to live a meaningful life, and create meaningful relationships, in this crazy world.
I'm a zen practicing therapist+musician who loves working with people on their journeys to healthier relationships and becoming their most authentic selves. Trees, books, stringed instruments and meditating outside make me really happy. I also have a cute though somewhat misbehaved dog who hangs out during therapy sessions (she will be quiet, but you might hear her drinking water or playing with a toy once in awhile). I was raised fundamentalist (Reformed Baptist, Calvinist) and spent a lot of my childhood learning fire and brimstone theology and memorizing verses from the King James Bible. Needless to say I chose to leave the "sinners in the hands of an angry God" mentality behind when I grew up. The truth is, being hard on ourselves doesn't help us or anyone else. But compassion, love, acceptance and presence connect us to who we really are, and who we can become. Along the journey, I've played a lot of music and become a therapist. I believe it's OK to have multiple passions, to want to do a lot of things, to use your voice, and to take your time figuring it all out.
* Individual therapy for adults * Couples therapy including intensive couples therapy weekend retreats * Preparation and integration sessions from a harm-reduction therapy perspective * Group therapy Please note: I do not offer psychedelic assisted therapy. I do not offer any substances or offer referrals for psychedelic experiences. I do offer preparation and integration sessions from a harm reduction perspective. **If you call or email requesting psychedelic assisted therapy, I will not respond as this is not a service that I currently provide.** Below is some information about my practice. Feel free to reach out with any other questions. I look forward to getting to know you! Hours of availability: Tuesday 10-4 Wednesday 10-5 Thursday 10-5 Friday 10-4 Admin hours are 12-1 p.m. I do not offer 24/7 crisis services or texting. Rates My rates are $175/45 minute session, $225/60 minute session and $250/80 minute session. Couples can choose between 60 and 80 minute sessions. I do not accept insurance. Telehealth Right now, I am offering telehealth sessions Tuesday-Friday. I work with both individuals and couples via telehealth. I am licensed in NY, RI and FL. You must live in NY, RI or FL in order to work with me due to licensing requirements. I can also work with clients in some countries abroad; please inquire. In-person appointments In person appointments are available on Thursdays only, in Rochester, NY, on a limited basis. In order to meet in person, you must provide proof of vaccination and a booster shot. Masks are also required when meeting in person. Couples therapy intensive weekends I am offering intensive weekends - 6 months of therapy in one weekend - to couples. For more information, or to sign up, check out