Suzanne Herrity, BSc

IFS Therapist, Psychotherapist & Psychedelic Integration Guide
Melbourne VIC
I work with Clients in a way that is compassion lead , supportive and encourages open expression. Whilst tools and strategies are a fantastic way to help us manage our mental health, regular exploration into your life can support you to make longer lasting life changes and give you a deeper connection with yourself. I work in a way that supports you to connect back into your SELF , understand, find meaning in your life which encourages your overall wellness.I also offer a holistic framework that encompasses IFS, Somatics, Mindfulness and Creative Expression.
The path to absolute self love, leadership & compassion begins when you learn to honour yourself as a full and whole human being. It was my own journey and lived experience that led me here today. In my mid-twenties I had a deep desire to learn more about my inner workings. This led me to explore Psychotherapy, Psycho-Spiritual Therapy and Integrative Therapeutic practices to assist me with my lived experience of trauma and to begin to reclaim my own being. ​Parts of me that have experienced anxiety, depression, isolation, loneliness, eating distress and body image concerns remained in an exiled place until I had the courage to uncover and heal my wounds of the past. As I’ve grown older, I’ve learnt and embodied what it is like to be in my own power and grow through my lived experience of bullying, emotional, psychological and physical abuse. . Through the years of my own personal journey and healing i have learnt that moving towards the parts of myself that i rejected, criticised and ridiculed I was then able to find peace with my being in a curious and compassionate way. I was able to honour myself as a full and whole human being. My own experiences with non ordinary states including Medicine, Sound Therapy & Breathwork along with my knowledge and training of the IFS Model , Somatic IFS Model, Psychedelic Specific Psychotherapy can be used to assist you as you undertake your own journey with Psychedelics. I aim to offer you a compassionate, open and non judgemental supportive space that assists you have the best outcome for yourself.
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