Suzanne Herrity, BSc

IFS Therapist, Psychotherapist & Psychedelic Integration Guide
Perth WA
I work with Clients in a way that is compassion lead , supportive and encourages open expression. Whilst tools and strategies are a fantastic way to help us manage our mental health, regular exploration into your life can support you to make longer lasting life changes and give you a deeper connection with yourself. I work in a way that supports you to connect back into your SELF , understand, find meaning in your life which encourages your overall wellness.I also offer a holistic framework that encompasses IFS, Somatics, Mindfulness and Creative Expression.
Psychotherapy, Psycho-spiritual therapy and Integrative Therapeutic practises began in my mid twenties when I had a deep desire to learn about my own inner workings. I explored many modes of therapy to assist me with my lived experience of trauma and reclaiming my own being and the beliefs i had about myself.Parts of me that have experienced anxiety, depression, isolation, loneliness, eating distress and body image concerns remained in an exiled place until I had the courage to uncover and heal my wounds of the past. During my life I have also experienced Bullying, emotional, psychological and physical abuse. As I have grown older i have learnt and embodied what it is like to be in my own power. Through the years of my own personal journey and healing i have learnt that moving towards the parts of myself that i rejected, criticised and ridiculed I was then able to find peace with my being in a curious and compassionate way. I was able to honour myself as a full and whole human being. My own experiences with non ordinary states including Medicine, Sound Therapy & Breathwork along with my knowledge and training of the IFS Model , Somatic IFS Model, Psychedelic Specific Psychotherapy can be used to assist you as you undertake your own journey with Psychedelics. I aim to offer you a compassionate, open and non judgemental supportive space that assists you have the best outcome for yourself.
Online and IN Person Groups - Psychedelic Preparation and Integration through the IFS Lense Online - Free Workshops and Meditations - See website